in Honor of michelle

Michelle is my dear childhood friend and was a bright light in so many people's lives. Beloved wife and mother of 3, adored family member, dedicated nurse, active community member and cherished friend to many.

Michelle gave to all with a generous, loving spirit.  She was marveled for her masterful organization and positive, can-do attitude. Michelle took on any task, cause, or goal with compassion, kindness, determination and feistiness. 

Michelle relentlessly fought Stage 4 colon cancer since 2015 until April 2017.  She has inspired everyone around her and has supported many cancer warriors fighting their own battles.

The pottery on this page is inspired by the qualities my dear friend has embraced through her battle with cancer.  Sales from this page has raised $800 to a Medical Expense Relief Go FundMe page to support Michelle's family.

I am continuing to donate profits from the pottery on this page.  Donations will be made to the Maine Cancer Foundation in Michelle's memory.

I hope these pieces can serve as a daily reminder of someone you love or as a gift to someone who is loved so much.

Strong bowl

* Please allow 2 weeks from time of order

Love, courage, hope, support, laughter and inspire are hand stamped on this bowl.

This bowl was inspired by the strong women participating in the Tri For A Cure, a triathlon in South Portland.  The event raises money and awareness for the Maine Cancer Foundation.

8" w x 5" h

dishwasher and oven safe

glaze color:
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affirmation bowl

Smaller in size then the Strong bowl but mighty in message.

Text includes: love, courage, hope.  

Fits nicely in the hands for individual use or to compliment the Strong bowl.

Use daily for a loving reminder.


dishwasher safe

glaze colors:
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super hero mug

*please allow 2 weeks from time of order

A fighter with a brave, generous heart.  Our super hero.

4"x 4"

made with durable cone 6 clay

dishwasher safe

glaze color:
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